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Quality, not quantity

We have made quality our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.


The legal sphere is one of great professionalism known for its uniqueness. It requires care and attention to guarantee a successful navigation of its practices. Law firms also need to express this nature of success because it is where a legal practitioner works. This can only be realized through effective management to avoid disorder and chaos within their environment.

A suitable premise is the start point for any law firm office because a comfortable work environment allows for proper dispensation of duties. A well secured, serene, spacious building is an important criterion for any Law firm. The building should also be insured properly against future circumstances.

How can you achieve this proper law firm office management while maintaining a balance of professionalism and relationship between clients, employees, and lawyers? Here are some points to help out.

1. EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP - A legal practitioner is needed to own a law firm, but not just any practitioner, an effective and diligent one. Effective Leadership speeds up the success rate of the firm because a leader that knows what they are doing can direct and manage the affairs of the firm to align with their goals (the vision and mission of the firm). Effective Leadership would require qualities like diligence, honesty, integrity, determination, commitment, skill, and other qualities that can be developed or emulated by the employees. Such effective leadership helps as a kick-start to effective management.

2. ADEQUATE FIRM STRUCTURE - Having a structure helps the firm know the resources and input/output required in running it. A Law firm office structure creates an avenue to know how to effectively manage the office. It may be a Sole practitioner, Apprenticeship, or Partnership among others, what is important is to know how it would affect the success and management of the Firm. A good Law firm office structure also allows for proper planning (strategic or tactical) in social or economic aspects.

3. IMPLEMENTATION OF TECHNOLOGY - The world is moving at a pace where everything is possible online. From banking to documentation, through the power of technology, it has all been made easier for everyone to access. The use of Wi-Fi in the workplace also allows for quick access to the internet for searching for information in real-time and getting important updates. Implementation of technology in the storing of information and filing allows for proper documentation and easy retrieval when the need arises. Technology also allows for other advantages like the easy transmission in real-time, proper research tools, storing of records, ability to back up vital information etc. Using an updated office as well would encourage proper documentation and file management to avoid disorder and cramping of the office space. There can be disadvantages to the use of technology like computer errors/viruses, hacking etc. but all these can be countered by regular checkups and updates.

4. EXCELLENT CLIENT SERVICES - A properly managed Law firm can dispense services that encourage patronage by customers. Maintaining good client relationships is part of effective office management. This is achievable with the combination of other points but most effectively effective leadership. Client services are to be dispensed with utmost discipline and professionalism because the legal practitioners are being trusted with delicate issues. Response to clients' issues or complaints is a target of a law firm office.

5. REGULAR REVIEW - A running machine is checked occasionally to check what needs to be changed, repaired, replaced, or added. A Law Firm Office is also to be checked regularly by carrying out weekly, monthly or yearly reviews to know the progress in every area of the office. This allows the firm to know what areas need to be improved on, or what areas need to be worked on to ensure continuous success rates in the profession. Financial, Client, and Legal practitioners' reviews should be made regularly to show proper management.

6. BALANCED WORK LIFE - A balanced work-life shows proper office management. Overworking or discrimination should not be allowed. Labour laws state the adequate amount of work hours and this should be followed strictly for effective work dispensation. An overworked staff is unable to function properly. Leaves such as maternity leave, sick leave, holiday leave, and paid leave should be taken with utmost importance. The work environment should be able to provide a suitable balance between their personal life and work life.

7. TEAM BUILDING - The popular saying is, that there's no "I" in team. For an effective team to function, there needs to be communication, team bonding activities and a comfortable environment. Office ethics are also meant to be respected and the importance of maintaining a unified front is to be impressed on the minds of the employees. A well-structured team gives a good front view of a law firm office properly managed.

Managing a law firm is the easiest of tasks, however, implementing all the points listed above and also navigating new ways to achieve proper management can contribute to the success of the law firm.

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