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Expertise in Property & Commercial Law

CHAMAN LAW FIRM is a world-class leading and top-rated law firm in Nigeria. In Support of clients on diverse issues, we deploy our team of vastly experienced attorneys team with domestic and international experience and expertise.

Real Estate and Property Law

You cannot venture into real estate and property without a legal guide, issues of land registration, making sure documents given to you are valid, assessing if you have a good title to a property or inquiring if the land given to you belongs to someone else, you can and should only entrust your real estate transactions to capable hands in the field.


Everyone who works and acquire assets would want to see those assets well managed and in good hands even after his demise, this is why writing a will is very important, as some customary laws in Nigeria may not even favour your spouse to manage your estates. Also, in cases of dissolution of a marriage, issues like settlement of properties, maintenance and custody of children must be treated with utmost importance. Here in Chaman Law Firm, Family and Probate Law is one of our core services.


As a Business Law Firm, we focus on providing legal advice to business owners on issues that affect businesses, such as taxation, business transactions, contracts and intellectual property rights.


We offer in and out of court settlement. For litigation, we are more than ready to represent you in the court and go through every process until the case is finalized and we also know how cumbersome and lengthy litigation can be and for certain disputes, we offer Alternative Dispute Resolution which helps you spend less and get effective results.


We act as tax lawyers having solid knowledge of laws and regulations relating to taxes, excellent written and verbal communication, and strong research and negotiation skills


There are laws that guide and regulate the legal and contractual issues relating to construction, infrastructure and engineering and these laws are called construction laws. Here in Chaman Law Firm, we are more than efficient in representing in cases that may arise on sites in the cause of building or subsequent issues relating engineering and infrastructures.


As Intellectual Property Lawyers, we provide legal advice, prepare and draft legal documents, and conduct negotiations on behalf of clients on matters associated with protecting intellectual capital, utilizing patent law, copyright law and licensing.


We also help immigrants who need legal aid and advice regarding the immigration processes


Finance and banking are the lifeblood of trade, commerce, and industry. Chaman Law Firm handles banking and finance issues.


As an environmental lawyer, we work towards the conservation and protection of nature's resources. Environmental laws regulate and define the activities of humans upon the geological and biological systems that are affected by contact. Issues such as ecology, sustainability, responsibility, and stewardship are often cause for legal actions.


Media law regulates media production and use. The practice of media law may involve all of the types of legal issues that might arise during the production or consumption of various types of media and this is one of our core services in Chaman Law Firm.


The law provides certain rights and privileges to be enjoyed by every citizen of Nigeria and while everyone can enjoy their rights, the law will not permit any citizen to infringe on the rights of another citizen. Here in Chaman Law Firm, we offer a legal shoulder to anyone whose rights has been denied or infringed.


A Labour lawyer assists clients with legal issues stemming from the relationship between employers and employees. In Chaman Law Firm, we have well trained labour lawyers who interpret and advise clients on wage and hour laws, workplace safety, laws regarding rest and breaks, disability and leave requirements, workplace harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination.


Another legal service we offer is in the area of Cyber Law. It is the most common saying that we are in the 'computer age'. As the digital world expands, so does cybercrime in Nigeria and in a bid to stop these almost uncontrollable cyber crimes, Cyber Laws in Nigeria came into existence. Cyber law acts as a shield over cyberspace, preventing cybercrime from occurring.


In a society like ours, if there is no written agreement, many people will get away with fraud and unpaid debts, this is why it is important to involve your lawyers, especially when you need help with debt recovery.


We handle Corporate and Commercial law which is one of the sectors that you cannot function without your lawyers. In days where fraudulent activities takes the lead, there should be the need of corporate and commercial laws to protect companies, businesses and their owners and the money invested and of course, lawyers are needed for the implementation of these laws and to act as a guide for these owners who may not know their corporate rights.


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”Every day, they strive to improve their service to the clients by developing the right blend of technology and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible.”

- Uche Pat Okoro

”Chaman Law is the best real estate and property law firm that you can think of. Their lawyers are well knowledgeable in perfection of property title. I have been using them for over 6 years, they keep to their promise.

- Jimoh Akingbe

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”Professional. efficient. personable. the team at chaman law firm executed my case expeditiouly and fair. highly recommend their services.”

- Blessing Ebilekwe

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”Everyone at chaman law firm is professional knowledgeable and kind. i highly recommend this law firm”

- Yvonne Adiukwu


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