We understand that the immigration procedure could be a frightening ordeal and it could be relieving to have an expert to guide our clients through the process, especially if they have previously received inconsistent immigration advice from several consultants.

We are so much aware that foreign consulates across the nations are being forced to deal with the flood of visa applications on a daily basis due to the high demand for visa applications and other related immigrant processes. This kind of progress will have drawbacks for sure.

Any applicant who makes a mistake, even a legitimate one, will likely be penalized by foreign countries and their consular officials, who would most likely refuse them a visa. In light of this, it is crucial for certain applicants to get the best advice possible. At CHAMAN LAW FIRM, we are specialists in providing:

  • Expatriate Quotas and Nigerian Business Permit Processing

  • The processing of the "CERPAC" (Nigerian Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card)

  • Processing of the temporary work permit for foreigners

  • We also provide guidance and Consultation on visa applications for international students and immigrants

  • Obtaining the Nigerian spouse visa (Niger-Wife)advising and assisting high net worth individuals in the Caribbean who are interested in getting second passports to make it easier for them to travel for business without worrying about getting a visa.

  • We advise our clients on the implications and effects of the laws, rules, and executive orders of the foreign country's immigration laws

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