Chaman Law Firm in Nigeria specializes in providing legal services related to the recovery of outstanding debts. Here are some of the services offered by our law firm.

  1. Debt Collection: We assist clients in collecting outstanding debts owed by individuals, businesses, or other entities. We employ various legal strategies and tactics to recover the debt on behalf of our clients, including negotiation, demand letters, and, if necessary, legal action.

  2. Legal Consultation: We provide legal advice and consultation to clients regarding debt recovery matters. We assess the legal options available, evaluate the chances of success, and guide clients on the best course of action to recover their debts.

  3. Debt Recovery Litigation: If amicable settlement attempts are unsuccessful, we can initiate legal proceedings on behalf of our clients. We handle debt recovery litigation, file lawsuits, represent clients in court, and pursue legal remedies to recover outstanding debts.

  4. Debt Restructuring and Settlement: In some cases, we may assist clients in negotiating debt restructuring or settlement agreements with debtors. We analyze the financial situation, negotiate favorable terms, and draft legally binding agreements to resolve debt issues.

  5. Asset Tracing and Recovery: In situations where debtors attempt to hide or transfer assets to evade debt repayment, we can conduct asset tracing investigations. We employ various methods to identify and locate assets and employ legal strategies to recover them on behalf of our clients.

  6. Enforcement of Judgments: If a court judgment has been obtained in favor of the client, we can assist in enforcing the judgment. This involves taking legal steps to seize or liquidate assets, garnish wages, or implement other means of debt recovery as authorized by the court.

  7. Due Diligence and Credit Assessment: We may provide due diligence services to assess the creditworthiness of potential debtors. We conduct background checks, evaluate credit histories, and provide risk assessment reports to help clients make informed decisions before extending credit.

Debt Recovery Law in Nigeria
Debt Recovery Law in Nigeria