Ways for a law firm to improve client services


11/13/20203 min read

Customer service in a law firm.
Customer service in a law firm.
Good customer service
Good customer service


• Understand life from the perspective of your client.
This is the Golden rule of customer services; treat your client like you want to be treated.
Some aspect of law such family law, tort law, bankruptcy law and estate management and planning are daily life stuff, so in order to deal with that one has to look from the perspective of his client.
To provide the best law firm customers services, you must have a basic understanding of emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication. So understanding the emotion and feelings of your client so that you can empathize but not sympathize with d client .This action goes a very long way toward increasing client satisfaction. 

• Customer Services Starts With First Contact
Customer services experience is very important and thus starts with the very first time the client call or fill out a form on your website. Hiring a person with a pleasant voice and friendly voice important and one with active listening technique and also be patience this process is core in any law firm. And also ,there is need to understand your firm is client focused   

• Embrace the details
Learn how to pay attention to detail. Those details could breach your analysis. Take the detail oriented attitude and apply it when dealing with a client, the client will not only trust you, but open up more for you and this will also improve your customer services. 

• Always keeps your client inform
The number one bar complaint is that client don't feel like their attorney keep them informed. Also be careful about the language you use in addressing client avoid using legal terms or jargon because it can leads to frustration and confusion. 

• Use text for updates
Clients often complain that their solicitors don’t keep them updated enough. Of course, you’re busy, but the client needs to know the progress of their case and what, if anything, they need to prepare for next. Texting is important in this aspect. If you don’t have time to chase down a client for a voice call, sending an update via text can save you time and make sure the client is in the know. Text messaging is also great for sending out appointment reminders so you don’t have highly paid legal staff waiting around for no-shows. 

• Embrace Technology
Since law firm customers service starts with the very first contact, make it simple and easy. Contact relationship management (CMR) Software can help you streamline intake, stay in touch with your client, automate follow up during the representation and after you have closed the file. 

• Set Minimum Expectations
Through a meaningful and collaborative discussion, develop a few client services standard .This might include such basics as procedures to be followed when a client is left waiting in the reception area or how voicemail messages will be updated when attorney are out of the office. 

• Give Client Multiple Ways To Provide Feedback
Whether a law firm has committed or will commit to an ongoing formal feedback program provide a variety of opportunities for clients to give their feedback and let them know you value their input. Email is an example or toll free phone number where clients may leave confidential messages and always act on feedback received.  

• Invest in the relationship
Create a regular schedule of check his and always be the first to show up. If you give someone appointments don’t wait till that person tell you is there before you arrive there. 

• Perfect your intake process
One of the most challenging aspects of client services is the intake process. Client need to see and feel that your firm is originated and that their request is handled with time management. 


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