The massive demand for visas and other related immigration procedures is causing the country's foreign consulates to receive a flood of daily visa applications.

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There are many instances in which you'll require legal counsel or will benefit from receiving it to save time and frustration. The administration of immigration law is more complicated than you might expect. However, the massive demand for visas and other related immigration procedures is causing the country's foreign consulates to receive a flood of daily visa applications. This kind of development will not be without drawbacks.


Although, many applicants often think that there is no need for them to contact an immigration lawyer, thus this article will list and explain the necessity of an immigration lawyer as follows:

YOU NEED A LEGAL ADVICE: Someone who is not a lawyer can never give you legal advice. Every issue involving the granting, withholding, or even banning of a visa involves the law, and the only people qualified to provide legal advice are lawyers. A diligent and experienced lawyer would be able to interpret any law, what some of the consular officers would rely solely upon are foreign law of their home countries. Regardless of the jurisdiction where the law is enacted, only a qualified lawyer can be able to advise clients accordingly.

IMMIGRATION LAWYERS ARE SKILLED IN NAVIGATING THE PERMITS AND RULES: It's possible that you'll be able to complete the procedure on your own, but there's a considerable risk that one or more of your applications will be denied or become stuck in the complex regulatory system because of something that was lacking from it. A competent immigration lawyer is an authority on all the legal tricks required to get you where you want to go.

GUARD YOU FROM VISA FRAUD: Nigeria currently has the highest rate of visa fraud in the world. Some middlemen are currently defrauding customers of their hard-earned money by posing as real advisors and promising to assist them in quickly obtaining visas. Therefore, a lawyer is under the duty to protect your right and advise you as a client to avoid such extortion.

ONLY A LAWYER CAN PROTECT YOU AGAINST UNNECESSARY MISTAKE: A minute error is the cause of more than 50% of visa rejections. Engaging a lawyer for guidance and to assist you in reviewing your visa application before submission may go a long way toward preventing those little errors that could result in a refusal of a visa or even a ban in some situations.

FOR CONTINUOUS ASSISTANCE: Even if a visa is granted, it does not guarantee a traveler's access into the nation of issuance. The majority of embassies would tell you that the various ports of entry's border or customs agencies are in charge of allowing or denying foreigners admission. Therefore, even if your intended purpose has changed, you could still need legal counsel before entering a nation where you have been granted a visa.

WHAT TO DISCUSS WITH AN IMMIGRATION LAWYER AS AN APPLICANT: This is your chance to discuss your situation with the lawyer and ask any questions you may have. Give the lawyer as much information as you can so that there won't be any subsequent surprises or strategic errors. The lawyer has a duty to keep your information private. The lawyer will ask you a number of questions, take notes, and then give you advice on how to proceed and whether any additional documents need to be produced.


Finally, when traveling overseas it is a good idea to hire a lawyer to examine and manage your visa case file in order to avoid mistakes.

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